The 9 Best Climbing Approach Shoes for Women

Regardless of whether you're scrambling up fourth class bone fields or climbing down a manicured trail, we have the shoe to get you to and from your climbing objective. We looked into the main 40 sets of ladies' climbing approach shoes and put the best 9 through thorough one next to the other testing. From the taking off stone of Yosemite to the testing territory of Argentine Patagonia, we pushed each shoe as far as possible amid unlimited long stretches of climbing, scrambling, and huge divider moving to figure out which were the most agreeable and strong. After a seemingly endless amount of time, we climbed everything from rocks to enormous dividers and snow capped tops to choose which ones exceeded expectations in climbing capacity and lightweight common sense. We lived in these shoes and increased master feelings on the intricate details of each model. Regardless of whether you're binding up for a fast trip to the game ridge or are taking off on a snow capped undertaking, we're set up to enable you to locate the ideal associate.
There's nothing better than climbing with friends  and the slab descents of Tuolumne require good sticky rubber.

For Spring 2018 we chose to include the La Sportiva TX2, and kid, were we awed! We moved around our honor victors to account for this new Editors' Choice Award champ, whose lightweight plan and superb climbing execution helped its score to the highest point of the graphs. The older sibling of this most loved shoe, the La Sportiva TX3, a burlier, sturdier model that we granted our Top Pick for Toughness. We remain by the Arc'teryx Acrux SL, our Top Pick for Climbing Performance, and the La Sportiva Boulder X and Evolv Cruzer Psyche, our Best Buys. Presently total with nine top notch items, we're certain you'll locate the ideal fit for whatever experiences anticipate you.

Best Overall Approach Shoe

La Sportiva TX2 - Women's

Editors' Choice Award


(23% off)

at Amazon

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Weight: 16.8 oz per combine | Sole elastic: Vibram MegaGrip


Incredible climbing capacity

Agreeable and strong

Less tough

The TX2 from La Sportiva is point of fact our most loved shoe in this audit. We couldn't trust how light it is, and it completely changed our scrambling and multi-pitch climbing systems. This shoe climbs unimaginably well, and its cozy, comfortable fit make it similarly at home in the mountains as it is at the bank.

Our analyzers felt coordinated, light, and secure in this shoe, so we had no real option except to elevate it to our regarded Editors' Choice Award champ.

Read survey: La Sportiva TX2 - Women's

Top Pick for Toughness

La Sportiva TX3 - Women's

La Sportiva TX3 - Women's Top Pick Award

$135 List

Rundown Price

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Weight: 21.4 oz per match | Sole elastic: Vibram MegaGrip

Throughout the day comfort

Tough and solid

Less exact climbing capacity

The La Sportiva TX3 is an amazing all-around shoe that will get you to the bluff and into the mountains without hardly lifting a finger. This current shoe's sticky elastic toe and solid sole make for secure scrambling on specialized landscape while its sturdy work upper is both breathable and strong.

At the point when contrasted one next to the other with these eight different contenders, the TX3 emerged for its adaptability, all-around execution, and husky outline. At the point when the territory gets extreme, the TX3 remains steadfast, bringing home our Top Pick for Toughness.

Read audit: La Sportiva TX3 - Women's

Best Bang for the Buck

La Sportiva Boulder X - Women's

La Sportiva Boulder X - Women's Best Buy Award


at REI

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Weight: 28.6 oz per combine | Sole elastic: Vibram Idro-Grip V-Smear

Super agreeable

Exceptionally strong


Doesn't move also

For the second year in succession, we here at OutdoorGearLab have granted the Best Buy Award to the exemplary La Sportiva Boulder X. This shoe is a workhorse of an explorer and is our go-to decision for long treks into the mountains or any methodology where specialized scrambling isn't required.

This shoe earned the most astounding imprints for help and solace, and its tough outline is prepared to be put under serious scrutiny. Its powerful structure constrained us to dock it focuses for climbing capacity, yet for the customary methodology, the Boulder X's sticky elastic is all that could possibly be needed. Furthermore, at $120, this is the second slightest costly shoe we tried.

Read audit: La Sportiva Boulder X - Women's

Best Buy on a Tight Budget

Evolv Cruzer Psyche - Women's

Evolv Cruzer Psyche - Women's Best Buy Award


(33% off)

at Amazon

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Weight: 13.6 oz per combine | Sole elastic: Trax elastic


Exceptionally cheap

No climbing help

Not tough

The Evolv Cruzer Psyche is an exceptionally concentrated methodology shoe, however at the colossal cost of $78, we really wanted to give it our Best Buy on a Budget Award. Planned as a plunge shoe for quite a long time when you simply require a couple of shoes to get you off your multi-pitch experience or to a roadside bluff, the Cruzer is insane light and reduced. Simple to clasp to your bridle and go, you won't see it's there.

With little help and a thin canvas upper, we wouldn't carry it alongside us on long climbs or anticipate that it will last season after season. For a standard multi-contribute course or climbing territories with short, manicured trails, the Cruzer might be all you require.

Read survey: Evolv Cruzer Psyche - Women's

Top Pick for Climbing Performance

Arc'teryx Acrux SL - Women's

Arc'teryx Acrux SL Women's Top Pick Award


(25% off)

at MooseJaw

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Weight: 19.2 oz per combine | Sole elastic: Vibram MegaGrip


Great climbing capacity



At the point when Arc'teryx joined the methodology shoe rivalry, we didn't comprehend what we'd find. In any case, we were rapidly overwhelmed by the Acrux SL for its shoe outline and inconceivable climbing edge. The cozy fit, solid sole, and climbing shoe-like edge make for the best climbing capacity we've ever found in a methodology shoe, so we couldn't let this one sneak past without granting it our Top Pick for Climbing Performance.

While there are more agreeable shoes for long climbs, the Acrux SL is fairly steady without bargaining its exactness.

Read survey: Arc'teryx Acrux SL - Women's

Contrast select up with 5 items

Score Product Price Our Take


La Sportiva TX2 - Women's


Editors' Choice Award

The TX2 is an inside and out victor on account of its lightweight plan, agreeable form, and first class climbing capacity.


La Sportiva TX3 - Women's

La Sportiva TX3 - Women's


Top Pick Award

The TX3 can deal with whatever the components toss at it, making for a marvelous all-around item.


Scarpa Gecko - Women's

Scarpa Gecko


Suited best for the game bluff, the Gecko is costly and ailing in help.


Arc'teryx Acrux SL - Women's

Arc'teryx Acrux SL Women's


Top Pick Award

With an unrivaled climbing capacity, the Acrux SL is all-around light, strong, and agreeable.


Adidas Outdoor Terrex Solo - Women's

Adidas Terrex Solo Womens


The Terrex Solo is a light, reasonable cragging or multi-pitch shoe.


La Sportiva Boulder X - Women's

La Sportiva Boulder X - Women's


Best Buy Award

Worked for the normal climber, the Boulder X is an incredible spending alternative.


Five Ten Guide Tennie - Women's

Five Ten Guide Tennie - Women's


Without a strong or tough development, the Guide Tennie falls behind its rivals.


Evolv Cruzer Psyche - Women's

Evolv Cruzer Psyche - Women's


Best Buy Award

Awesome for multi-pitch undertakings, the Cruzer Psyche is spending well disposed and jazzy.


Five Ten Access - Women's

Five Ten Access


The Access' poor climbing capacity exceed its agreeable fit.

Examination and Test Results

This may sound self-evident, yet there's significantly more to moving than the ascension itself. Except if your fundamental area is an indoor exercise center, getting to the stone quite often incorporates some work, regardless of whether that is a short side trip on a manicured, well-kept trail, or miles of bushwacking and bone bouncing in the high. Climbers' trails are regularly somewhat more tough than well known climbing trails and can habitually include some third, fourth, or even fifth-class scrambling. While a trail running or climbing shoe might be sufficient to get you to a few banks, a particularly outlined methodology shoe incorporates numerous highlights not found in your ordinary shoe.

Every one of the eight sets of ladies' methodology shoes one next to the other.

Every one of the eight sets of ladies' methodology shoes, one next to the other.

We investigated nine of the best ladies' models to perceive how they measure up on a few measurements that are basic to this kind of footwear. As constantly here at OutdoorGearlab, we walk you through every one of the things you have to think about picking the correct item for your inclinations and give you within data on how the apparatus really stacks up.


At OutdoorGearLab, we see an incentive in granting items with an assortment of honors. Notwithstanding the best in general item, we've developed our value examination outline to feature all contenders that have been tried in our armada. You'll see that the models that fall toward the base right offer the most elevated cost per esteem, as they've earned high scores and offer a fantastic cost.


The Sweet Middle Ground

We need to let it out: the greater part of our analyzers have in excess of one sets of methodology shoes. We have our go-to items for long climbs and our most loved models for scrambling. Some days we care about weight, and some days we don't. In case you're searching for something particular, we'd recommend taking a gander at our Top Pick Award champs, all of which exceed expectations in a single class over another. In any case, we perceive that huge numbers of you may need only one sets to get you to and from the majority of your experiences. For this situation, we'd very recommend taking a gander at our Editors' Choice Award, the TX2, or perusing our diagrams to see which shoes had the most elevated scores by and large and by metric.

Execution Metrics

Climbing Ability

Sticky elastic and the capacity to movement over specialized climbing landscape is the primary element that isolates a methodology shoe from a climbing shoe. Numerous methodologies, particularly in elevated territory, require scrambling, and it is essential that your methodology shoe keep you sheltered and secure regardless of what you experience. Accordingly, we needed to guarantee that this metric was a standout amongst the most critical, and the climbing capacity metric represented the biggest sum (35%) of the general score. To test the climbing capacity of each shoe, we took them out on the entirety of our climbing undertakings, from the game precipice to the snow capped.

Numerous climbers are soliciting more from their methodology shoes than any time in recent memory, trekking far into the backwoods or notwithstanding climbing moderate fifth-class courses in them. On the off chance that this sounds like you, you'll need to give careful consideration to this metric. Assuming, nonetheless, you invest the majority of your energy climbing to climbing regions on very much kept up trails and do small scrambling, this parameter may not be as essential to you.

A few unique parts go into the general climbing capacity of a shoe. To altogether assess the shoe's climbing execution, we independently tried each match while executing three distinct procedures: edging, spreading, and split climbing. Edging is a shoe's capacity to stick and help you remain on small dependable balance, from only a couple of millimeters thick to a couple of inches. By and large, how well a shoe does this is by all accounts a component of both the stickiness of the elastic and the shape or plan of the toe box. Spreading is your main event when you utilize footing alone to adhere to a lofty surface that doesn't have any highlights to edge or advance on. Spreading capacity has a great deal to do with elastic quality and stickiness, and in addition the tread plan.

A tread outline with compliment hauls and subsequently more huge surface zone that can interact with the stone will ordinarily perform better when you have to spread. The last kind of climbing strategy we assessed was break climbing. We needed to know how the shoe performed when fitting inside, bending, and bolting your toes into vertical breaks to climb upwards. Frequently, shoes that have a lower toe box tallness and a toe box made of more adaptable elastic and upper materials are more normal to stick inside a split.

The Acrux SL flaunting on El Cap Tower Yosemite Valley

The Acrux SL flaunting on El Cap Tower, Yosemite Valley

Undoubtedly, the Arc'teryx Acrux SL scored the most astounding out of any of the nine shoes we tried in this metric. It's shoe like fit, thin toe box, and unequivocal edge made for the best climbing execution we've ever observed. Next up we had the La Sportiva TX2 and Scarpa Gecko. In spite of the fact that entire with very extraordinary drag designs, we discovered incredible edging and spreading execution with both.


Similarly as with any item (however maybe particularly critical for footwear), it is basic that you remain agreeable when you're utilizing the rigging. It's presumable that you will spend numerous hours and miles climbing in these shoes, so it is surely not alright to get rankles, problem areas, or simply have awkward feet. Thusly, we likewise feel that solace is a pivotal factor, so we weighted solace at 20% of the aggregate score for each shoe.

While additional cushiony and sumptuous inclination shoes may make for less throbbing feet toward the finish of an epically difficult day, they can likewise diminish your affectability while climbing — so remember that parity when you are taking a gander at various models.

The comfiest of the comfortable: the Boulder X

The comfiest of the comfortable: the Boulder X

A commonplace component on shoes intended for specialized climbing is to have bands that go additionally down the highest point of your foot than a customary climbing shoe or boot. When climbing, exactness in the toe is vital, so you need to have the capacity to fix down the bands for a cozy fit. When climbing, nonetheless, you need a roomier toe box that doesn't contract your forefoot or rub your toes. Consequently, numerous models have been planned with bands that go the distance to the toe region to help make this snugness more customizable relying upon your movement existing apart from everything else. Obviously, this can likewise help give a more modified fit for individuals with high or low curves or more extensive or smaller forefeet. We granted higher solace scores to shoes with more flexible binding outlines.

We cherish the exceptionally flexible binding structure of the TX3.

We cherish the exceptionally flexible binding structure of the TX3.

The shoe that scored the most astounding imprints for comfort was the La Sportiva Boulder X. The extravagant tongue, heel, and internal materials made for outstanding throughout the day comfort, making this shoe our go-to decision for long methodologies. Other high scorers in this classification were the Adidas Terrex Solo, TX3, and Gecko.


In the event that you hope to convey a full knapsack or pull sack with rope, rack, and other every day or medium-term equip, the help metric will be a critical one to consider. While the greater part of this metric is climbing related, parts of help can likewise influence a shoe's climbing capacity. In the event that a shoe has a stiffer padded sole, it will give more curve bolster which averts foot exhaustion. When climbing, a stiffer padded sole will be gainful when edging or split climbing if the shoe fits cozily on your foot, however a stiffer padded sole could likewise hamper a shoe's spreading capacity in the event that it doesn't permit as a significant part of the elastic to contact the stone. In the event that you hope to experience any snowfields on your methodology, a firm padded sole is extremely profitable to help with kicking ventures to cross lower-edge snow fixes securely.

Another essential part of this classification takes a gander at how stable the shoe feels when going over uneven landscape. In the event that you are shake jumping over a stone or bone field, does the shoe feel messy as you modify the point of your foot to each stone you venture on or does it feel like the shoe is moving safely appropriate alongside your foot?

The last part of the help metric is the means by which well the shoe secures your feet. Does it have a vigorous upper and padded sole that will shield the sides and bottoms your feet from sharp and rough shake edges? Is the shoe waterproof, or how well does the shoe ensure your feet when crossing rivulets or snowfields? These things joined are thought about for the help metric class.

The two most steady shoes: left Boulder X; right Guide Tennie.

The two most steady shoes: left, Boulder X; right, Guide Tennie.

The most noteworthy scoring shoe for this metric was, by and by, the Boulder X. The calfskin upper and hardened sole made for a cozy fit awesome for rock jumping and whatever intense territory you may experience. We found the Five Ten Guide Tennie and TX3 to be incredible sprinters up in this class because of their inflexible soles and beefy outsides.


Weight ought to dependably be a thought when you are discussing gear that is engaged with physical undertakings. It's an easy decision that if everything is generally equivalent, you should simply pick the lightest rigging. Indeed, obviously, it isn't so much that straightforward, and frequently everything is not equivalent. In any case, that is the reason we at OutdoorGearLab are here to enable you to make sense of it.

Obviously, weight is less basic if the climbing regions you visit ordinarily have short methodologies. In any case, when you have a troublesome or long methodology, weight is typically a huge factor for the vast majority in picking which rigging to utilize. Tragically, low weight is normally an exchange off for other alluring trails. Sturdiness is a standout amongst the most huge exchange offs on the grounds that, regularly, the most strong materials are heavier (work uppers, for instance, are lighter yet less tough than strong calfskin). Furthermore, it's normally unavoidable that an agreeable, strong shoe's highlights will be more lumbering too. So to decide how imperative the weight metric may be for you, it relies upon what your typical climbing routine resembles.

The amazingly light Cruzer Psyche tips the scales at only 7.8 ounces for each shoe.

The unimaginably light Cruzer Psyche tips the scales at only 7.8 ounces for each shoe.

Different contemplations that impacted the weight scores for each shoe were its packability and smallness. How simple is it to stuff the shoe in your rucksack or clasp it on your saddle while you climb a course? These are largely viewpoints that were assessed for the weight scores. At the point when multi-pitch climbing, it's vital to discover a shoe with the correct equalization for you.

On the off chance that the methodology is short, yet the course is long, a shoe like the Evolv Cruzer Psyche might be ideal for you. Ailing in supporting however exceeding expectations in low weight, this canvas approach shoe is scarcely observable when cut to your saddle. In case you're climbing profound into the snow capped and require something that strikes a superior harmony among weight and support, the TX2 is an undeniable decision.


As climbers, we don't generally get a kick out of the chance to work in particular. We thusly need to have the things we purchase keep going quite a while so we can maximize our well deserved dollars. Due to the tough, unpleasant and-tumble nature of climbing, solidness is a particularly critical quality. The vast majority of the shoes in this audit are profoundly solid when contrasted with a standard climbing or running shoe.

The one general exemption to this is found with the elastic tread of methodology shoes. The standard and built up exchange off for a stickier grasp is that the elastic doesn't keep going as long as the less grippy tread that is found on your conventional climbing shoe or boot. What's more, it is to a great extent the case that the stickier the elastic, the lower the solidness. Be that as it may, much the same as climbing shoes, a considerable lot of the shoes in this survey can be sent to a re-sole shop to have a crisp layer of elastic connected when you've worn through the main layer.

The most noteworthy scoring shoes for this metric were the Guide Tennie, Boulder X, and Acrux SL. The Acrux has a one of a kind overlaid outside. Not the same as any material we'd at any point found in a methodology shoe, this husky yet light material appeared to enable the Acrux to strike the harmony among solidness and weight.

Sorts and Uses

Climbing Oriented Approach Shoes

Some climbing destinations require more broad climbing, which may likewise imply that you are conveying heaps of hardware to spend a few days and evenings in the mountains, notwithstanding your climbing gear. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you don't require medium-term adapt, it's simple for your pack to get substantial in case you're attempting to be set up for whatever may occur in multi day. On the off chance that long days or medium-term ventures are the sort of climbing experiences you long for, at that point you'll need a shoe with better climbing capacity. Shoes, for example, that have a to some degree forceful tread which will help with footing in the soil. You'll additionally need a stiffer, stable padded sole to help your feet and curves with the long miles and substantial freight. We would group the accompanying shoes as climbing focused: La Boulder X, La Sportiva Guide Tennie, La Sportiva TX3, and Scarpa Gecko. The La Sportiva TX2, Five Ten Access and Adidas Terrex Solo may likewise be placed in this classification, however their lightweight outlines keep them in to a greater extent a center ground.

From left to right: Boulder X Guide Tennie TX3 Gecko Access

From left to right: Boulder X, Guide Tennie, TX3, Gecko, Access

Climbing Oriented Approach Shoes

On the opposite side of the methodology shoe range are shoes with phenomenal specialized climbing execution. There are numerous reasons a climber may be influenced toward this path. Solace and support may not be as critical to you in the event that you visit ridges with short methodologies, for example. Or on the other hand maybe you're hoping to do some scrambling or exceptionally direct climbing where an undeniable specialized climbing shoe is somewhat intemperate. Or on the other hand you may realize that your targets regularly incorporate bone jumping or rough scrambling to reach. In the event that any of this sounds like you, you most likely need to investigate this class to locate your ideal combine of sneakers.

The compliment tread takes into account a greater amount of the shoe surface to contact the stone, which gives you more prominent footing. You'll likewise need a shoe that has either a cozy fit generally speaking or bands that once-over to your toes so you can make the toe box more tightly when you start the more troublesome areas of climbing moves. On the off chance that you are jumping on a kind of shake that has splits which you'll be utilizing to climb, you will likewise need to search for a shoe that has a position of safety, adaptable toe enclose for more noteworthy simplicity getting your shoes inside the breaks. In this classification, we found the Arc'teryx Acrux SL, Evolv Cruzer, TX2, and Gecko to be the emerge models.

Plunge Shoes

A third class, which is to a greater extent a mix of the two previous classifications, is the drop particular shoe. These are shoes that you might possibly wear on the climb to the base of a trip, yet that you clasp to your outfit to convey up on course. At the summit, you will change from your climbing shoes to these shoes to wear for the stroll off back to the base and your rucksack. Shoes that are perfect for plummet shoes are low profile and lightweight, yet genuinely sticky for strolling down possibly smooth shake surfaces. We tried two sets of shoes that fit this bill. The two sets that we tried that best possesses all the necessary qualities. The Evolv Cruzer Psyche's 7.8-ounce weight make for a simple multi-pitch friend, while the TX2's 8.4-ounce weight is extraordinarily light without relinquishing as much structure.

The Cruzer Psyche snatches a ride on the back of our outfit.

The Cruzer Psyche snatches a ride on the back of our outfit.

Snow and Ice

Like we've specified, getting to our most loved climbing zones isn't frequently simple, and in some cases this implies we'll be experiencing snow and ice in transit. A quick and-light approach to handle moderately little segments of blended conditions is to utilize tie on crampons with approach shoes. Regularly, these crampons are aluminum and are intended for basic zones of snow, not for front-pointing on specialized ice. This is an incredible methodology for the High Sierra, where we did quite a bit of our testing. The best shoes we tried for this standard were the TX3 and Boulder X. Their stout bottoms were the best to acknowledge crampons, however neither executes and also a high-cut boot that is outlined in view of this capability.

Huge Wall Climbing

Its very own mammoth, enormous divider climbing requires an entire host of calculated arranging. Any individual who has remained for a considerable length of time in help stepping stools can disclose to you that the correct footwear is absolutely critical. Having a stuff padded sole is critical to keeping your feet upbeat for a long time, particularly while help climbing and jumaring. We tried a couple of these shoes on Yosemite's most celebrated enormous divider, El Capitan, and our doubts were correct. While the Terrex Solo was agreeable on our toes, the padded sole was excessively adaptable for throughout the day help comfort. We significantly favored the stiffer TX3 and, if not doing any free climbing, the Boulder X. The TX2, while solid on the base, did not give enough sidelong help. Moreover, on huge dividers, weight generally isn't as large of a factor, as we're normally pulling many pounds of rigging as of now. We'd prescribe taking a gander at our best scorers for "support" and "solace" before thinking about weight.


There's nothing superior to moving with companions and the chunk plummets of Tuolumne require great sticky elastic.

There's nothing superior to moving with companions, and the section drops of Tuolumne require great sticky elastic.

In this audit, we take nine of the best ladies' methodology shoes and put them through hell and back. In the mountains, on the enormous dividers, and in the rock field, we tried every item next to each other with its rivals. We accumulated information and provided details regarding our discoveries, denoting each model on its execution in climbing, comfort, support, weight, and strength. Our master analyzers invested months arranging this exploration and are pleased to present to you the most thorough survey of ladies' methodology shoes out there!


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