Checkout Spire review - A tracker to check your breath and boost your well-being

It's a minor dim stone, fulfilling to hold, zen-like and matched with an excellent stopper charging plate. Connect it to your bra or belt and prepare to find another way to quiet.

Made by a group of researchers at Stanford and victor of the 2014 National Hewitt Design Award, the Spire Stone is an individual breathing sensor. Not at all like exercise-arranged wellness devices, it tracks breath examples and body developments to give guidance outfitted to passionate and subjective prosperity.

Set up

Tower touches base in a smooth, moderate white bundle. Inside are the tracker, round remote charger, and a white USB-to-microUSB link. The tracker weighs only 0.8 ounces and measures 1.2 in by 0.6 in by 1.7 in. The plate has an additional USB port, in the event that you like to charge your telephone as such.

After the underlying charge, the gadget should be associated by means of Bluetooth to the Spire cell phone application, which has both Apple (iOS 9 or more) and Android forms. The individual inquiries asked amid the application introduce are negligible, similar to the UI. In Settings, you can design Notification composes (vibrate, sound or message).

audit check in with your breath help your prosperity with tower - Review: Check in with your breath, support your prosperity with Spire

In the fundamental segment of the application, Breathwave, you can watch a live feed of your breath imagined as a line moving against a blue sky and shoreline foundation. Looking down conveys you to the day by day rundown, with supportive bars demonstrating minutes spent in different modes – quiet, engaged, tense, dynamic and inactive. The Boosts region contains reflections and other sound tracks by care experts, for example, Deepak Chopra and Thich Nhat Hanh.

audit check in with your breath help your prosperity with tower 2 - Review: Check in with your breath, support your prosperity with Spire

For those of us who like things perfect and clean, the underlying set-up was a satisfying background. We just tried the Spire with Iphone 6.

The little stone should be worn, cut side out, against the skin or close enough to get breathing examples (consider inside belt, running tights, bra).

survey check in with your breath help your prosperity with tower 2 - Review: Check in with your breath, support your prosperity with Spire

The Science

In view of 7 long periods of research at Stanford's Calming Technology Lab, the gadget uses the most recent logical comprehension on the connection amongst breath and the working of the human sensory system. Terrible pressure triggers our "battle or flight" mode, and rehashed introduction can prompt tension, hypertension, a bargained invulnerable framework and more regrettable. Since breathing is the main autonomic capacity that we can control to some degree, familiarity with breath can enable us "to down direct" to a more adjusted perspective and body.

survey check in with your breath support your prosperity with tower - Review: Check in with your breath, help your prosperity with Spire

How Well Does It Work?

The great: Spire sparkles on getting your breath examples and alarming you

Sliding into hyperventilation as your child enlightens you regarding the school spook's most recent tricks? Following a few minutes, Spire vibrates to remind you to back off, one breath at any given moment. Stuck at the work area revising a similar section for the umpteenth time? Tower prods you to accomplish something dynamic following a hour of sitting, which may be only the sort of break your cerebrum needs.

We found the gadget subtle and by and large satisfying to utilize. Tower tracks three kinds of breathing: tense ("battle or flight"), center (adjusted, i.e. "positive pressure") and quiet (parasympathetic, or "rest and process" state). The every day rundowns, especially when combined with time-touchy information about examples (called "streaks") were uncovering, and can be associated with areas or photographs.

Both the vibration level and recurrence of messages are adjustable.

The guided contemplations we tried appeared to be encouraging, however the individuals who as of now hone care presumably as of now have their favored methodologies. Fortunately the gadget can work nearby different applications and sound records to give close continuous data about nature of relaxing.

In our tests, utilizing Spire as a contemplation helper was fun and supported the coveted spotlight on "the at this very moment."

audit check in with your breath help your prosperity with tower 4 - Review: Check in with your breath, support your prosperity with Spire

The awful:

Tower now and again requests to be repositioned, particularly on the off chance that one is slouched over a work area. That can wind up irritating. It tends to be ease back to sink with the application. More regrettable, if the application remains shut for 6 hours, the mediating information is lost.

The stone shape every so often acts as a burden. That occurred in a yoga class amid some curve presents and forward twists, and attempting to slide the clasp felt unbalanced.

The Neutral:

Tower gives no input about pulse, hrv (pulse changeability), or rest quality. Therefore 60 minutes in length keep running in the forested areas enrolled as 60 dynamic minutes, yet a Sunday evening at home with two children included another 25 dynamic minutes. These impediments make the tracker useful for the care specialty, however less helpful for practice objectives.

One befuddling part, in any event for our analyzer, was the vast amount of "nonpartisan breathing," which is depicted as breathing that does not fit any of the examples. Was that more about the individual or the gadget?


In a matter of days this analyzer discovered that she was holding in her breath in regular circumstances when it was a bit much. That was an eye-opener. A more inside and out test would require half a month or months and one may think about whether, long haul, the expectation is that Spire would prompt mindfulness that would make the breath tracker out of date.

audit check in with your breath help your prosperity with tower 3 - Review: Check in with your breath, support your prosperity with Spire

Tower Mindfulness and Activity Tracker

Contraptions and Wearables may get a commission

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View specialized specs

Tower estimates what no other tracker available does. The gadget has had an exceptionally positive gathering and comes in at an appealing cost, especially on the off chance that you have an enthusiasm for innovation and care.

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Tower is an all around outlined gadget that urges you to take full breaths, however I'm not persuaded it enhances your emotional well-being.



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Tower Mindfulness and Activity Tracker

$123.73 See Iton Amazon

Wellness trackers are very common, however gadgets that emphasis at the forefront of your thoughts rather than body are ordinarily neglected—emotional well-being is staggeringly close to home and can be hard to characterize, which makes it considerably harder to gauge. That is the thing that makes Spire, a breath - GPS beacon that expects to check pressure, emerge. This gadget was discharged in 2014 yet got a lift this late spring with an Apple Store retail nearness and an updated iOS application, so I chose to give the organization portrayed "personality and body tracker" a more intensive hope to check whether it truly battles pressure.

Tower is a graphite-hued oval-formed stone joined to a silver clasp. You wear it on your jeans or tucked inside your bra with the clasp looking out. Be that as it may, its straightforward looks give a false representation of its more mind boggling capacities.

"What does that thing do?" my sweetheart asked as he watched me slide the gadget onto the belt of my exercise pants.

"Goodness, it reminds me to inhale," I answered without considering.

"Um… your cerebrum as of now does that," he answered.

Alright, genuine.

All the more particularly, Spire reminds you when to take profound, quieting breaths with an end goal to energize more care. It's likewise an action tracker in that it checks your means, yet it's not the best exercise sidekick. It doesn't have a show and it won't encourage you to run speedier or get your pulse up. Rather, Spire depends on its application to do the hard work.
How it functions

tower home screenSpire's home screen demonstrates your breath progressively.

Setting up Spire is as simple as some other Bluetooth gadget. Ensure your telephone's Bluetooth is turned on, introduce the Spire application, and combine the gadget to your telephone.

Tower is a wonderful gadget. It's too terrible nobody will see you wearing it. The stone must touch your skin, which I by one means or another didn't understand until hours into securing it to my jeans with the stone confronting outward. I didn't have any issues with grating when the stone was squeezed against my skin, not notwithstanding when running with Spire cut inside my games bra, however you'll certainly feel that it's there.

What Spire searches for is designs in your breathing, which is the reason it must be so near your body. As you breathe in and breathe out, Spire tracks your chest development, at that point sends that data to your telephone. Your breathing shows up progressively on the application home screen as an undulating line. After you utilize the gadget for a couple of days, you'll build up your individual gauge, so your breathing isn't being contrasted with a normal standard. Your breathing says a great deal in regards to your perspective. Unpredictable breaths flag pressure, while consistent and moderate ones demonstrate profound core interest.

Cell phone pressure help

Since the gadget doesn't have a show, you'll require your telephone close-by consistently to get notices, which are interminably adaptable. You can set your Spire to vibrate and send you a ready when you've been sitting for a really long time, when you have to take a full breath, when you've been seriously engaged for a short time, or when you're in a maintained time of quiet. These updates are intended to make you more aware of your breathing and your perspective.

tower notificationSpire's notices prod you to center around your brain, not simply your progression check.

The application additionally incorporates with your timetable, camera roll, and area, so you have a superior thought of where and when you're most focused on, centered, or quiet. These incorporations, which are new to the application, are a decent head toward helping you make sense of what triggers your worry before it happens. On the off chance that a customary gathering with your supervisor tosses you into tense mode, taking some full breaths or contemplating early could facilitate the pressure.

Tower additionally has an Apple Watch application, so I was getting notices everywhere. This is the way I understood I am a strongly centered individual, which isn't too amazing. I'm once in a while inclined to freeze, but on the other hand I'm not extremely quiet. The gadget and watch application vibrated delicately to remind me to take full breaths when I was amidst a significant lot of core interest. Guided thoughtful lifts, which are open in an alternate piece of the application and range long and point, were quieting, reminding me to discharge strain from my head and shoulders and take deliberate breaths. It resembled a yoga class with no development.


Tower Mindfulness and Activity Tracker

See Iton Amazon

Primary concern

tower charger


Tower is flawlessly planned, as is its charging puck.

I have a couple of issues with Spire. It takes perpetually to adjust information from the gadget to your iPhone in the event that you don't let the Spire application run persistently out of sight. (I'm not a major aficionado of keeping area following applications open to keep my battery alive to the extent that this would be possible.) But the gadget just stores six long periods of data locally before it's lost, so in the event that you neglect to match up the two, your information vanishes.

I additionally wish Spire were a more valuable movement tracker. It tracks your means, dynamic minutes, and calories consumed, yet it does not understand what sort of activity you're doing. You need to physically add a note to each blast of movement. The gadget likewise doesn't track rest, however Spire prime supporter and boss researcher Neema Morajevi revealed to me that is in progress.

It's likewise difficult to discern whether careful breathing successfully decrease your pressure long haul. Taking control of your breath, which is only one pointer of stress, probably won't do anything at all to enhance your general mental prosperity, however it may feel like it at the time.

I do love Spire's plan (which grabbed a Cooper Hewitt National Design Award in 2014). Indeed, even the accusing puck that happens to the gadget is Apple-esque. What's more, I welcome that it can survive an outing through the clothes washer on the off chance that you neglect to take it off before tossing your garments in the hamper. Be that as it may, Spire is $130 (down from $150 when it was discharged), which is somewhat costly for a gadget with no show. That cash could go toward an awesome wellness tracker. What's more, on the off chance that you effectively possess an Apple Watch, the arrival of watchOS 3 this fall puts Apple's Breathe application on your wrist. It won't track your breathing the manner in which Spire does, however it will remind you to set aside opportunity to center around your emotional wellness, which is Spire's ultimate objective.

Our Verdict

The Mindfulness and Activity Tracker offered by Spire speaks to a transformative hop in wearable innovation. This gadget makes an offer to track both your developments and your breath, which it utilizes as an intermediary to decide the condition of your psyche. In the event that you are breathing gradually and frequently, it records that you're loose. In the event that you begin hyperventilating, it'll check you down as pushed. Go figure. At its most fundamental, the Spire is your run of the mill step counter. It utilizes accelerometer innovation to tally strides. It additionally utilizes that accelerometer, to constrained impact, to screen your relaxing. This information is followed and recorded in a related telephone application. The telephone application additionally parses that information, primarily the breathing information, to gauge your state of mind and feeling of anxiety.

At last, the application can work with the breathing data to give a kind of guided reflection. While the gadget itself is nothing uncommon, it is the particular information preparing and motivation that the application gives that separates it. Execution isn't flawless, however the thought is extraordinary and the capacity sound enough to win our Top Pick grant close by the additionally very particular Bellabeat Leaf and the super-straightforward CSX Simple Walking 3D.

The Spire brings the indirect access into our survey. While it is useful as a pedometer, it is marked and promoted as a breath tracker. Amusingly we found the Spire's breath following fairly constrained however observed the pedometer capacity to be extremely helpful. This is the main non-sex particular breath tracker we could discover available. For anybody hoping to track both breathing and action, notwithstanding care prompts and rest works out, the Spire is a genuinely one of a kind item.

The Spire gadget and iPhone. The application screens continuously what you are doing. To inspire it to state "You're in Motion" we needed to move it and after that quickly put it down for this photograph.

The Spire gadget and iPhone. The application screens continuously what you are doing. To inspire it to state "You're in Motion" we needed to move it and after that quickly put it down for this photograph.

Execution Comparison

As a pedometer, the Spire is genuinely normal. A few items were undeniably refined in their progression tallying and movement following traits. Nonetheless, the manner in which this gadget sets breath and movement following with its relating application mix to enable the client to enhance their care and thoughtful practice. All things considered, the Spire is in its very own class. Thus, regardless of the Spire's unremarkable by and large score, we conceded the Spire a Top Pick grant with the expectation that people will consider as a perfect choice for checking both care practice and following day by day action levels.

Profundity of Data

In testing the limit of the Spire as a pedometer, this gadget performed unexceptionally. A few items are unquestionably refined in their pedometer and action following traits. Be that as it may, with the assistance of the Spire's breath-tracker, notwithstanding the gadget's ability as a pedometer, the Spire exceeds expectations as an apparatus to move more noteworthy care and reflective practice. The gadget and related application merge to enable the client to venture up their reflection amusement leaving the Spire in its very own class. Because of the Spire's ability as a care mentor, regardless of the gadget's disappointing execution in a portion of our analyzer's evaluations, we granted the Spire a Top Pick grant. Read on to take in more about how this gadget can enable you to diminish pressure and increment mindfulness.

The Spire and relating application expect to be an all encompassing gadget and movement tracker. While moving, the Spire tracks action and steps. At that point when the client is in rush hour gridlock, gatherings, doing work, or currently contemplating — the Spire tracks your breath. This information, combined with the gadget's ability to track rest quality and one's caloric admission and inclination (in the event that you set aside the opportunity to transfer your dinner and disposition information) enables you to screen pressure, tension, health, and care after some time. This information, combined with the gadget's novel capacity to track breathing examples can enable the client to all the more likely comprehend and oversee pressure or nervousness. Notwithstanding the pervasive advance tally, the Spire can be utilized to inexact one's rest quality, breathing rate, and calories devoured.

The Spire is like the other Top Pick Bellabeat Leaf and the Editor's Choice Fitbit Flex 2 as far as profundity of information. Every one of these gadgets goes well beyond the normal pedometer. Notwithstanding straightforward advance tallying, the relating applications for the Spire, Leaf, and Flex 2 give the client a hearty portrayal of by and large wellbeing and wellbeing. The Spire and the Leaf both track breathing examples to enable clients to oversee worry notwithstanding action following. The applications that accompany the Flex 2 and the Leaf can be utilized as period-trackers. The Spire, the Flex 2, and the Fitbit Zip Wireless can be utilized to track caloric admission. The majority of the previously mentioned gadgets can give extra information to the client who wishes to transfer individual data.
The Spire is like the Leaf and the Flex 2 in that it coordinates other wellbeing data with development information. Nonetheless, the Spire is one of a kind in that it screens breath to build an every day story about your state of mind and generally speaking wellbeing with the goal that you can work to more readily oversee pressure and tension. It is safe to say that you are interested about how push compares to your eating and exercise propensities? The Spire can be utilized to enable you to all the more likely see how you adapt to pressure, and the relating care instructing can enable you to grow better-adapting procedures in high-push circumstances. In case you're searching for a gadget to support a superior thoughtful practice, the Spire can be utilized basically for this. In any case, with the contribution of client information and day by day wear — the Spire can be utilized as a general wellbeing and wellbeing tracker.

The most essential of the care highlights of the Spire is this visual portrayal and criticism on your breathing rate.

The most essential of the care highlights of the Spire is this visual portrayal and criticism on your breathing rate.

Information Management

The Spire utilizes what has turned into an exemplary information administration technique. The gadget itself holds a battery, accelerometer, and Bluetooth radio wire. There is no show on the mechanical assembly. The crude information gathered by the Spire is sent by means of Bluetooth to your cell phone where the application forms your information. The one issue we had with the information administration of the Spire is that the gadget just holds 6 long stretches of information at once. In the event that your telephone is killed, inaccessible, with the application shut, or Bluetooth is incapacitated, information past six hours will be lost. While we wound up familiar with this reality, we lost a considerable lot of Spire development information.

The general Data administration style of the Spire is very like that of the Bellabeat Leaf, and the Fitbit Flex 2. None of these items show information on the gadget itself, rather depending on a matched up cell phone application for action following. Think about the Spire as a sensor that gathers and conveys data for review on your cell phone.

Multi day's synopsis in the Spire application.

Multi day's synopsis in the Spire application.


The exactness of step tally is the least difficult and most target appraisal we convey in our audit of pedometers. Since we are trying advance checking gadgets, to analyze the exactness of different capacities is superfluous. In any case, we can narratively provide details regarding the obvious precision of the other information gathered. In neither one of the waies did the Spire convey amazing execution. Initially, in our repeatable advance check test, the Spire was less exact than most. Fortunately given that most advance counters demonstrate generally erroneous outright precision doesn't make a difference.

On the off chance that you reliably wear your gadget in a similar place every day and are genuinely solid in your walk length or non-practice development designs, the day by day step checks will relate to your real movement. It is moderately irrelevant that the Spire records a normal of roughly 6% more stages a man may take when strolling in a straight-line. Also, the breath following frequently appeared to be out-of-synchronize with real breathing, in any case, the gadget provides an estimated and tantamount proportion of your breathing to control movement and stress administration. In the same way as other techniques for quantitative information evaluation, enough unpleasant information can be parsed to give significant experiences, paying little mind to the demonstrated precision of the individual information focuses.


The Spire is simple enough to utilize. Present day shopper hardware have made some amazing progress in the most recent decade or thereabouts. In the same way as other different pedometers, the Spire basically should be charged, matched up with the telephone application. Once downloaded, the application strolls you through the underlying set-up, offering instructional exercises on the best way to utilize the gadget. We thought that it was instinctive and basic, much like the other application empowered gadgets. Obviously, the least complex items are those that don't require cell phone matching up. In any case, these exchange convenience for less vigorous information administration frameworks.

The Spire depends totally on a cell phone application for information following, much the same as the Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Zip Wireless, and the Bellabeat Leaf. These gadgets are somewhat less simple to use than gadgets that give an on-gadget action following capacity. Without a doubt the most effortless item we tried was the CSX Simple Walking 3D, which is an independent gadget that essentially checks steps persistently until the point that you reset it. The show readout is very huge, and there is just a single catch which resets the gadget. For convenience, nothing beats the CSX.

The remote charging cushion and the Spire gadget.

The remote charging cushion and the Spire gadget.


The Spire is normal regarding massiveness. Be that as it may, this is only one part of the compactness appraisal. Nonetheless, the Spire is one of a kind in that it catches breathing data. To track breath, the maker prescribes the gadget be cut either to a belt or a bra tie. Set anyplace else, the gadget won't catch breath data with an incredible level of exactness. Since breath following separates the Spire, we took after the maker's directions in our testing. For step checking, we are sure that the Spire could be conveyed in a client's jeans stash. The development is strong, and the clasp appears to be moderately secure; nonetheless, we lost one of our test tests in routine utilize, which is a fairly unsuitable situation, and fundamentally influences our evaluation of the transportability and estimation of the Spire.

No other item we tried was as constrained by they way you can convey it as the Spire. Given the generally feeble nature of the connection cut - the gadget was lost amid testing. All the others can be cut on or conveyed free in your jeans stash. This is a moderately noteworthy contrast. Our lead test editors lean toward conveying pedometers in their jeans take. Cut convey appears to be both defenseless and a little dorky.

Slighting the nitwit factor, the cut convey of the Spire did in reality satisfy his most noticeably bad desires and tumbled off some place in a standard day of strolling around.

The Spire cut in the maker prescribed belt area.

The Spire cut in the maker prescribed belt area.

Best Applications

For breath following and helping with care works out, nothing beats the Spire.


For particular capacities like the Spire performs, we hope to pay no less than somewhat more. In that way, the Spire offers an esteem like the Bellabeat Leaf. Their costs are generally practically identical in light of highlights and advance. In any case, a noteworthy variable in the estimation of the Spire is that we lost our first test. To supplant a costly bit of hardware like this is to a great degree unwanted, to understate the obvious. We wish the clasp were more secure or that there were different choices for joining the Spire.


As a genuinely one of a kind breath tracker, the Spire is an incredible pedometer for particular applications. The simplicity with which the gadget comes withdrew from one's belt is disturbing, yet maybe Spire can address this in resulting cycles.


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