Huawei Watch 2 review

The Huawei Watch 2 raises the stakes with greater network choices, Android Wear 2.0 and an energetic new look, yet with a littler show and chunkier form this most recent smartwatch feels like it's endeavoring to do excessively, and it doesn't exceed expectations in each territory. 

So can a smartwatch have an excessive number of highlights for its own particular great? 

Huawei Watch 2 cost and discharge date 

Propelled at £330 ($230, AU$451) 

There's likewise a 4G demonstrate at £380 (AU$600, around $399) 

The cost has dropped the world over however, so anticipate that it will be less expensive 

The Huawei Watch 2 was discharged on 18th of April 2017 in the US and May 4 in the UK, while those in Australia needed to hold up a while longer however it is accessible at this point. 

With regards to the Huawei Watch 2 value you could get the non-4G variant at dispatch for £330 ($300, around AU$396) while those taking a gander at the 4G show needed to part with £380 (AU$600, around $399). 

The cost in the US has been as low as $180 and in the UK we've seen it touch the £190 check (or £211 for the 4G display) so you ought to have the capacity to locate a superior arrangement than the dispatch cost. All things considered, we now and again battle to discover it with a lot of a rebate. 

Huawei hasn't discharged the 4G watch in the US either. The dispatch cost made the Huawei Watch 2 one of the more costly Android Wear watches from the cell phone producers, despite the fact that it is on a standard with the 4G-empowered LG Watch Sport, and it has dropped in value all the more vigorously. 

The first Huawei Watch had a superior metal complete which looked savvy on the wrist, however it's all-change with the Huawei Watch 2. 

Rather than premium interest, Huawei has picked a rough, lively complete on the Watch 2 with a stout plastic body and sizable bezel encompassing the watch confront. 

It's not especially attractive, and it's probably not going to win any style grants – however it is in any event utilitarian. The Huawei Watch 2 has a solid wellbeing and wellness point, and its plan implies it will survive the rigors of an exercise, instructional course or race. 

To that end the silicon lash is sweat-verification, and it can be effectively evacuated, with convenient pegs on the underside of the tie making it simple to segregate from the watch. 

While it utilizes a standard 20mm tie measure, the outline implies you'll be restricted to Huawei Watch 2-particular ties in the event that you favor changing the look and material. 

At 12.6mm the Watch 2 is a sizable nearness on the wrist – it's serenely greater than its ancestor despite the fact that it has a littler show. Contrast it with the LG Watch Sport, however, and the Huawei really dominates the competition with a slimmer casing. 

While it might be enormous, at 57g the Huawei Watch 2 is shockingly light thinking about the GPS, NFC, Bluetooth Wi-Fi and 4G SIM packed inside. The level back to the watch case implies it sits serenely on the arm, with the inherent heart rate screen flush to the metal cover. 

You get two catches on the correct side of the watch, with the one at the 2 o'clock position your fundamental route key for raising the application rundown and coming back to the clock confront. The second, at 4 o'clock, is a programmable key which you can allot to the application you need it to dispatch. 

It's set to dispatch Workout as a matter of course, however for those less effectively disapproved of Android Pay is a helpful alternate route to have appended to this catch for speedy contactless installments. 


A missing component we're frustrated by is the absence of a pivoting crown or bezel. With the Huawei Watch running Android Wear 2.0 – an OS which has been created to play pleasantly with a pivoting input – it feels like Huawei has missed a trap on its most recent smartwatch. 

Huawei is a long way from alone however, as Mont Blanc, Misfit, Tag Heuer and LG have likewise all picked not to consolidate a turning crown into their new set of Android Wear 2 looks too. Investigate the Gear S3 Samsung and Apple Watch 3 either – neither of the device run Android Wear – and you'll discover a turning crown and turning bezel separately. 

For those searching for something more expert looking there's dependably the Huawei Watch 2 Classic, yet despite the fact that it has less highlights the Classic is a similar size, heavier and more costly. 


We're frustrated by the show on the Huawei Watch 2. At 1.2 inches it's little, and feels considerably littler when you attempt to utilize the on-screen console or a portion of the more intricate applications. 

The determination, at 390 x 390, additionally isn't the most astounding definition we've seen on smartwatches, and keeping in mind that it gloats a higher pixel thickness than the first Huawei Watch the last was bigger at 1.4 inches, giving you more space on screen. 

The show is sufficiently brilliant to peruse everything, and is for the most part receptive to the touch, yet it's not a champion element that truly gets you drew in with the watch. 

The Huawei Watch 2 packs a Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset which has been particularly made for wearables, alongside 768MB of random access memory. 

To put it plainly, it's insufficient. The Huawei Watch 2 feels drowsy, with moderate advances between watch appearances and menus. 

The primary issue here however is the slack in opening applications. You can program the lower physical key on the privilege of the watch to dispatch a particular application – a convenient easy route if there's one component you much of the time use, as it spares you from exploring the still marginally awkward Android Wear 2.0 menu. 

This equipment key is set to the Workout wellness application of course, yet we changed this to Android Pay as we're suckers for helpful contactless installments… inconvenience is, on the Huawei Watch 2 it's not generally that advantageous. 

There's a recognizable deferral between you squeezing the catch and Android Pay stacking up on screen, and this ends up troublesome in case you're in a line of individuals endeavoring to pay for an espresso or traverse obstructions at a prepare statio – morning workers are unforgiving, and the Huawei Watch 2's stammering execution will win you no companions. 

This issue can in principle be overwhelmed with a smidgen of pre-arranging – so you'd hit the catch ahead of time of achieving the installment point – yet this didn't generally take care of our issues. 

On a few events Android Pay declined to work by any means. We haven't encountered a similar issue with our telephone or contactless bank card, and the reality the Huawei Watch 2 declined to make a move on various events amid our audit period raises a few inquiries. 

Ideally this discontinuous bug can be resolved with a product refresh, yet combined with the not as much as smooth task it makes for a disappointing knowledge. 

The reality there's no turning bezel (as on the Samsung Gear S3) or pivoting crown (as on the LG Watch Sport) makes looking through things like menus somewhat trickier, as your finger invests the vast majority of the energy covering the screen. 

Considering that Google has outlined Android Wear 2.0 to play pleasantly with these pivoting components it's a disgrace Huawei has excluded something on the Watch 2. 

The watch still incorporates Android Wear 2.0 highlights, yet the product has since been renamed Wear OS. That is in an endeavor from Google to make it clear watches running the product work with both iPhones and Google gadgets.
It's great to see Google's most recent working framework in real life on another smartwatch however, and its self-locking mode when you expel your gadget from your wrist is valuable. It implies that if somebody somehow managed to take your watch they'd require your PIN to utilize it, so they couldn't go on a going through binge with Android Pay – expecting it really worked, that is. 

Another huge component of the Android Wear 2.0 refresh was simply the committed application store on the watch itself. This implies you can download applications specifically to the watch, without the need to go to your cell phone and download it on there first. 

Enormous hitters, for example, Uber, Spotify, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp highlight in the watch-based Play Store, however as with all Android Wear gadgets there's as yet a predetermined number of applications to browse. 

Similarly as with different associations, exploring the Play Store is dubious on the little screen of the Huawei Watch 2, which again influences us to wish for a bigger show and physical turning input. 

There's 4GB of capacity on the Watch 2, enabling you to download various applications. 

Annoyingly there's no undeniable method to check how much space you have left, in spite of the fact that we figured out how to serenely download 10 applications onto the Huawei Watch 2 from the Play Store – over the pre-stacked contributions – without issue. 

The Huawei Watch 2 works impeccably well without a SIM card, utilizing either your cell phone's web association or that of a neighborhood Wi-Fi system to furnish you with your Ubers, news, music and that's just the beginning. 

It's for the uncommon events when you're 1) not with your telephone and 2) not around a Wi-Fi organize that the Huawei Watch 2 makes its mark. 

In these circumstances most smartwatches are far less valuable, however the Huawei Watch 2 is here to help, with a nanoSIM space taking cover behind one of the lashes (you'll need to evacuate the tie to get to the port) furnishing you with that extremely essential association. 

This can be valuable in case you're into wellness and outside exercises where you wouldn't have any desire to take your telephone with you. The SIM card enables you to make and get calls, send and get instant messages and wreckage around with all your web-subordinate applications. 

Thing is, a moment SIM implies a moment installment get ready for those in the UK (recall, the 4G variation isn't going to the US), which will probably put numerous individuals off – particularly on the off chance that they're never that a long way from their telephone. You'll likewise have a moment number for your watch, which isn't especially helpful for anybody endeavoring to get in contact with you. 

Make a call when you're associated by means of Bluetooth to your telephone, however, and your calls will utilize your fundamental number, as opposed to the auxiliary one connected to the SIM in the Huawei Watch 2. 


The Huawei Watch 2 works with all Android cell phones running Android 4.3 or more, with the full compliment of highlights accessible to you whether it's a spending telephone or premium leader in your pocket. 

It's not only the Android Army that can utilize the Huawei Watch 2, however, with the Android Wear application likewise accessible on iPhone – albeit here you get an incredibly lessened advertising. You'll likewise require an iPhone 5 or more current running at any rate iOS 9. 

Warnings don't have the same number of activities, which implies you'll get yourself unfit to react to things, for example, WhatsApp messages, and you'll discover some applications won't get it done. 

There's no iMessage bolster, while email and timetable matching up can demonstrate precarious. To put it plainly, an Apple Watch will probably cover your requirements superior to the Huawei Watch 2. 


Heart rate screen and GPS included 

Hourly suggestions to move on the off chance that you sit still too long 

Exercise application pre-introduced 

One of the key draws of the Huawei Watch 2 is its wellness abilities. The abundance of highlights, for example, GPS, Bluetooth, 4G and a heart rate screen, implies it's ready to track a scope of exercises and exercises. 

The way that the programmable catch in favor of the Watch 2 is set to dispatch the Workout application as a matter of course is characteristic of Huawei's desire, and combined with a tough, sweat-confirmation plan there's no perplexity concerning what's happening here. 

Start up the Workout application and you would then be able to choose which action you're going to do: run, fat consume, cardio, walk, cycle, treadmill or 'other'. 

Begin an exercise and the Huawei Watch 2 will screen your heart rate, exercise power, span, remove, steps, calories consumed and area – relying upon the sort of activity you're doing. 

Toward the finish of your exercise you get a summary of details, giving you a reasonable, succinct review of your session. You can likewise see all your past sessions in the Workout application, making it simple to keep over your preparation designs. 

There aren't any exceptional highlights, training tips or profound factual investigation, which implies genuine competitors will need to search out a more nitty gritty wearable – the Garmin Forerunner 920XT is a decent place to begin. 

You don't need to utilize Huawei's Workout application however, with various wellness applications accessible on the Play Store including Google Fit, Runtastic and RunKeeper. 

For those searching for a more easygoing exercise, the Huawei Watch 2 can screen your means and set a day by day objective to give you some inspiration to get up and move. 

It will likewise vibrate on your wrist on the off chance that it recognizes that you've been sitting still for 60 minutes, presenting an extend on screen to get your muscles moving and blood pumping. 

It's a basic, low-exertion exercise, yet it prompted us to get up and move about progressively, as opposed to remaining planted before our PC throughout the day. 

Battery life 

Most extreme of two-day battery existence without a SIM 

A little more than a day of existence with SIM card 

Awkward support makes charging to a greater extent a problem than it ought to be 

Without a SIM card, the Huawei Watch 2 can most recent two days on a solitary charge. Pop a SIM card in, in any case, and its hunger for a portable association slices that use to a little more than a day, which implies daily charges are an absolute necessity. 

The Huawei Watch 2 accompanies a marginally fiddly charging support, which should be agreed with the pogo sticks on the back of the watch – it's not as smooth as the remote Moto 360 dock or the attractive Apple Watch charger. 

It additionally implies that in the event that you overlook your charger it's far-fetched that you'll have the capacity to obtain one from another person, as you would if your telephone required a best up – unless obviously you're in the organization of a kindred Watch 2 wearer. 

You can download amusements on the Huawei Watch 2, however given its little screen we say it's not worth annoying – and gaming will likewise run the battery down snappier, with a night top up required in the event that you push things too hard. 

On the off chance that you truly need to expand the battery life you can put the Huawei Watch 2 into 'watch mode', which can surrender you to 18 days from a solitary charge – in spite of the fact that, as the name recommends, it'll work just as a watch. 

The Huawei Watch 2 comes pressed brimming with highlights, and for that we give it a generous round of commendation. Huawei has completed a fine employment packing a considerable measure of tech into a gadget which doesn't watch strange on your wrist. 

It's not the most attractive outline, but rather it likewise doesn't seem as though you have an unrefined processing gadget slapped on your lower arm. 

In any case, while the list of capabilities is noteworthy, the conveyance is less so. The little screen makes it hard to explore the more unpredictable applications, while the shoddy execution ends up infuriating sooner or later – particularly in case you're endeavoring to rapidly pay for your morning espresso with the watch and it takes more time to stack Android Pay than it would take you to snatch your card from your sack or pocket. 

The 4G similarity is a pleasant option for the individuals who need greatest availability, however for the individuals who are once in a while without their cell phone it's an unnecessary extra cost, with more cash required in advance and a moment SIM contract to pay for to keep it on the web. 

Huawei has endeavored to cover all conceivable utilize cases with the Huawei Watch 2, and keeping in mind that it hits the vast majority of them it doesn't do as such in a way that is excessively easy to use. 

On the off chance that anything, it reinforces the case for specific smartwatches focused at specific client bases, as opposed to a one-gadget fits-all approach. 

Who's it for? 

The Huawei Watch 2 is gone for the wellness swarm, and particularly the individuals who need to remain associated when they're far from their handset. 

It's a littler market than the first Huawei Watch spoke to, and those needing to plunge their toes in the smartwatch waters out of the blue are in an ideal situation looking somewhere else. 

It'll likewise interest those searching for an element stuffed smartwatch – and few can coordinate the Huawei Watch 2 with regards to a straight spec-sheet victory. 

Would it be advisable for me to get it? 

In case you're an enthusiast of the Huawei Watch 2's tough looks, and the wide exhibit of highlights and wellness alternatives it packs into its unobtrusive edge, at that point it won't let you down – accepting you have the cash lying around not doing whatever else. 

Smartwatches are, for the majority of us, an extravagance instead of a need, and in case you're doubting regardless of whether you truly need to spend this much on a gadget which does not as much as the telephone you bear each day then you'll presumably need to avoid the Huawei Watch 2. 

The opposition 

There are various contenders for the Huawei Watch 2 to fight with, and we've pulled together three of them underneath to demonstrate to you what it's up against. 

LG Watch Sport 

The greatest opponent to the Huawei Watch 2 is the LG Watch Sport. As far as configuration, highlight set and value the two are, fundamentally the same as. 

The Watch Sport likewise gloats a SIM card opening, heart rate screen and NFC, and the various highlights you'd expect, alongside Android Wear 2.0. 

On screen there's little to pick between the two, and your choice will probably come down to which outline you like the best. 

The LG Watch Sport has one preferred standpoint however – a turning crown which makes looking through menus significantly less demanding. 

Samsung's reaction to the wearable transformation isn't to take after other Android telephone makers down the Android Wear course, yet rather to utilize its own particular working framework on its smartwatches. 

The outcome? The Samsung Gear S3, a fine-looking smartwatch with a respectable spec sheet to coordinate. 

The issue here is the absence of applications, with engineers required to code for Samsung's own working framework independently to Apple's watchOS and Google's Android Wear; the number is developing, yet there's still some approach. 

Apple has increased the opposition since the Huawei Watch 2 arrived, as it's propelled the Apple Watch 3, which is as of now sitting at the highest point of our best smartwatches list. 

Its beginning cost of £330/$330/AU$460 is like the Huawei Watch 2's dispatch cost, however the last would now be able to be found for significantly less. 

On the off chance that you have an iPhone however then the Apple Watch 3 could be justified regardless of the additional, as it wears conventional wellness following with GPS, a heart rate screen and water protection, great battery life (by smartwatch guidelines), smooth execution and an excellent outline. 

Like the Huawei Watch 2 it additionally arrives in a LTE enhance on the off chance that you require telephone free network.


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