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Apple HomePod review

Macintosh's gadgets have advanced enormously finished the most recent 15 years or somewhere in the vicinity, changing the brand from the rebooted upstart that gave us the iPod to the customer tech powerhouse of today.
The HomePod takes the name of that notorious convenient gadget, yet 10 years and a half on we're looked with a similar inquiry postured by past Apple contraptions: what amount of a premium would it be advisable for you to pay for owning a gadget that fits consistently into the Apple biological community?

Apple HomePod at Macy's for $349
How about we not overlook that the HomePod is a late passage to the keen speaker amusement, however that is standard working methodology for the Cupertino-based brand: let whatever is left of the business walk ahead with another shape factor, distinguish the issues and afterward offer something that 'simply works'... also, by and large at a higher cost than the opposition.
That is what's occurred with the HomePod, in s…